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How BeADoctor Came To Be

Happy Kids with Books

When all of us were kids, we believed we could be anything we wanted to be.

And as parents, we do everything we can to help our children with that same process, to help them discover themselves personally and professionally. We want our kids to have fulfilling, meaningful, and self-supporting careers – and lives. For that reason, parents recommend being a doctor more than any other profession, because studies show that doctors are generally more fulfilled, better compensated, and contribute more to society than most other professionals.​

That’s where comes in. The founders of believe it’s never too early to plant the seed of interest in the medical profession, to inspire children to become doctors when they grow up. We accomplish this by sparking children’s curiosity about medicine and science through a wide range of resources, such as a “Cool School,” where children can answer science- and medicine-related trivia questions to win prizes; medicine- and science-related video games that gamify science education; fun experiments and other activities that children can do at home; Q&A sessions with current doctors about how they decided to become doctors; and more. 

Ready for School

Ideally, a child whose parents subscribe them to will be inspired to become a doctor. Even if a child decides not to become a doctor,’s resources may still lead the child to pursue another career in medicine or science. At a minimum, will instill in children a lifelong appreciation for everything that doctors do, and a deeper understanding of medicine and science as a whole. 

For all that parents want for their children, subscribing to is a

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