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Conversation Starters

Millions of parents would love for their children to be doctors when they grow up, but many parents don’t know where to begin. We suggest starting with a simple medicine- or science-related conversation starter, one that parents and children can discuss and explore together from anywhere, whether on the ride to or from school, around the dinner table, or anywhere else.

Encourage Critical Thinking Topics:

"I was just thinking, what do you think happens between your tongue and your brain when you taste a food that is sweet or salty?"
Eating Breakfast
Washing Hands
"It’s weird, after you wash your hands or take a bath, your skin can get wrinkly. But, it doesn’t happen just when it rains, and your hair doesn’t get wrinkly the same way when it gets wet.  What do you think it is about your skin that makes that happen? Why your skin and not your hair? "

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