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Future Doctor Society

Medical Team

At, we are currently working on developing a Future Doctor Society, where, for a modest monthly fee, subscribers will have access to all of the following resources, in addition to’s free daily emails.

  • An age-appropriate lab coat and plastic stethoscope, each with the logo, sent to the subscriber’s home, to help keep aspiring doctors’ eyes on the prize of becoming a doctor. 


  • “Cool School”: No tests, just science- and medicine-related trivia questions. And no grades, just prizes for getting the right answers. And additional points for “streaks” – the number of consecutive days a child answers at least one question. 


  • Links to medicine-related video games, such as challenges to diagnose a fictitious patient, video games that simulate a day in the life of a doctor, and more.  


  • Contests for children to submit why they want to be doctors when they grow up and what they think makes being a doctor so cool, as well as contests for current medical students and practicing doctors, to show children what actually makes being a doctor so great. 


  • Recommended science experiments and projects on medicine and the human body that parents and children can conduct together on rainy days, snow days, weekends, summer vacations, and any other time. 


  • Age-appropriate descriptions of a wide range of medical specializations, to help parents and children discuss what different doctors actually do. 


  • Guidance for parents and children to learn more about medicine and being a doctor, such as recommended outings, books, websites, apps, and more. 


  • A summer job/internship finder, as well as a mentor finder. 


  • Guidance from current doctors on what classes and activities a child should pursue to become a doctor, as well as discounts on study guides, test prep classes, and more.


  • Information and guidance on how to finance your medical education, including links to scholarships. 


  • For parents, a community message board to exchange thoughts and ideas with like-minded parents to help support each other and their children on their path to becoming doctors. 


  • A podcast, “How I Became A Doctor,” which will interview doctors to learn about the journeys that led them to become doctors.


  • For students already in medical school, we will provide resources for licensing exam preparation, guidance on how to choose a specialty, resources to learn about the business of medicine, financial preparation for being a doctor, how students can broaden their professional scope of activities, information about a broader range of opportunities that await them once they enter the medical field, and more. 


  • Last but not least, for subscribers who complete 10 years of and submit proof of graduation from medical school or other graduate school, we will give you a $250 Visa gift card as a graduation present! 



All of these programs will instill in subscribers a love for science and medicine, intellectual curiosity, appreciation of hard work and discipline, and all the other traits that are required to become a doctor. 


Click HERE to sign up for announcements and updates when the Future Doctor Society will launch! 

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