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It needs your kids to
Help people,
Cure diseases,
Make people feel better,
Make people live longer, and 
Make people happier.

It also needs your kids to
Find a purpose in life,
Feel good about themselves,
Feel good about the work they do,
Support themselves, and 
Contribute to society. 

The future is calling, and it needs your kids.

For Parents of Future Doctors


Over 90% of parents would recommend being a doctor to their children.

A Gallup poll joked that “M.D.” may stand for “Most Desirable,” while another article observed that a child becoming a doctor is “every parent’s holy grail,” and still another article said being a doctor is “undoubtedly, the most respected profession in the world.”

Why? Because studies show that the vast majority of doctors are more fulfilled, better compensated, and contribute more to society than many other professionals.  Yes, doctors may have their frustrations with their profession, like anyone. Still, all else being equal, it's good to be a doctor. 


Despite all of these benefits, it isn’t easy to become a doctor, and many parents don’t know how to help their child pursue a career as a doctor. They may suggest talking to a doctor, or doing well in science classes. 

That’s where we step in. give parents resources collected from practicing doctors, to empower them today to help their children become doctors in the future. helps parents of children who know they want to be doctors when they grow up, as well as parents whose children may not know yet what they want to be in the future. is not a “hard sell” for parents to force their children to be doctors.  To the contrary, our objective is to “plant seeds” by inspiring young people to learn about and discuss medicine and science with their family and friends, and see how fulfilling, interesting, rewarding, satisfying, and just plain awesome it is to be a doctor.


Currently, if you ask a doctor “How did you decide to become a doctor?,” you’ll receive a wide range of answers.  In the future, thousands of doctors will answer that question by saying “It started when my parents got me a subscription to”


For Family & Friends of Future Doctors

If you are a grandparent, other family member, or friend of a budding scientist or doctor, you too can subscribe to and impact that future doctor.  Subscriptions to the Future Doctor Society make great birthday and graduation presents for aspiring doctors, and with potential lifelong impact. 

“Never in a million years would I have thought we’d be having a discussion with our kids around our dinner table about the potential benefits and risks of being able to change your DNA, and what DNA means in the first place. Now, thanks to, we have conversations like that all the time.” 

-Wendy M., Cleveland, Ohio

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